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Brilliant Printing

Once thought to be the "expensive" option, we now bring you Rotogravure printing at an affordable price. We are capable of bringing your printed design to market using four color process (CMYK), spot colors (Pantone Matching System) or a combination of both to a total of 10 colors.

Whether you are packaging rock from Mars or a daily vitamin, we have both the technical acumen and practical design sensibilities to satisfy both the physical and aesthetic requirements of your project.

Low Minimums

Low Minimums

It is a simple but hard truth: distributers are appreciably less likely to take you seriously unless you have a printed bag at least in production. But you don’t need 100,000 bags initially, and that is a lot of cash to have tied up…

…we will print as few 4,000 custom bags for you.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

From start to finish, we partner with our customers and bring our connections and experience to bear in order to accelerate your success. We pay attention to the small details in package design that make all the difference in usability and perception.

Our adaptability serves as a force-multiplier to our inherent customer-focused approach; we are, after all, a "FLEXIBLE" packaging provider!

Millions Of Stock Bags

Millions Of Stock Bags

Printing is great. But you need something while you are waiting for it to complete, or to try a small batch. We have literally millions of bags in stock in several sizes, styles, and colors. This includes unprinted holographic.




We are proud to be able to offer USA-Made 

SqueezeTops® bottles in many sizes and colors.



Holographic Bags
As low as $80/K
These 3.125" x 5.0" bags really stand out! (And so will your bottom line.)The power of sparkle with the flexibility of labels.

The Classic: 3.4" x 4.0"
As low as $60/K
This tried-and-true size is ideal for pills and aromatic blends. Unbeatable pricing on large orders! Ask about black and silver specials!

Stand-Up Pouches
As low as $60/K
Small stand-up pouches are great for all manner of goodies. We stock multiple sizes and colors, some with clear back (as shown).



We offer "best-in-class" printing to help you stand apart from the competition,and prevail in these trying times for the industry. Gain market share! Foil counterfeiters!