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Connecticut prepares for recreational cannabis

Cannabis is now legal to posses in Connecticut, for adults over 21 years of age. While Connecticut prepares for recreational cannabis stores to open sometime in mid-2022, eligible adults are now allowed to possess up to 1.5 ounces on their person, and 5 ounces in a locked safe or container. Concentrates and edibles will be treated in terms of the cannabis flowers required for the number of milligrams contained. An excellent summary is provided by the Marijuana Policy Project with much more granular information available at the link below:

S.B. 1201 — An Act Concerning Responsible and Equitable Regulation of Adult-Use Cannabis — legalizes cannabis for adults 21 and older and expunge thousands of past records. It replaces the unregulated illicit market with a taxed and regulated system of licensed cultivators, retailers, manufacturers, and delivery services and invests the bulk of tax revenues into disproportionately impacted communities. Half of new cannabis business licenses will be issued to social equity applicants, who can receive technical assistance, start-up funding, assistance from an accelerator program, and workforce training. S.B. 1201 also includes strong protections for public safety and deterrents for underage use.

Starting in October of 2021, only medical cannabis patients are allowed to grow marijuana indoors for their own use, however, on July 1st 2023, all adults over 21 years of age in Connecticut are scheduled to be given permission to grow the plants in their own homes without a license or the fear of incarceration. The limits for both classes of growers will be three mature plants and three immature plants, at any given time.

We will discuss packaging requirements for cannabis under the new Connecticut law in future posts and as the situation unfolds and clarifies, but for now, congratulations Connecticut, and we look forward to providing custom printed mylar bags and custom boxes for many years to come!

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