Call US: (866)291-1226 – We Offer Speedy Quotes
Call US: (866)291-1226 – We Offer Speedy Quotes
Call US: (866)291-1226
We Offer Speedy Quotes

Free Ground Shipping

free ground shipping for all orders in the United States

We are happy to announce our newest offering: free ground shipping in the United States. This applies to any order of any size / amount placed on our website.

An example of selecting the "FREE Ground Shipping" option at checkout, on our website.

How to access Free Shipping

In order to take advantage of this new free offering, simply add items to your cart, and select “FREE Ground Shipping” at checkout.

This can be used either with the traditional checkout page, or via direct order with PayPal.

If you need to receive your order more quickly than ground, we offer express shipping services from FedEx and UPS. Prices are calculated based on product weight, and our rate with the respective shipping providers.

We reserve the right to choose the shipping provider when free shipping is selected.

This option applies to all products sold on our website, including:

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