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Call US: (866)291-1226 – We Offer Speedy Quotes
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We Offer Speedy Quotes

Marijuana packaging ready to ship from Los Angeles

printed corrugated shipping box destined for cannabis dispensary, with small printed boxes for retail display of cannabis resin

Sometimes, you need your marijuana packaging right away

We can help you with that!

We have many different bags in stock, and several are especially well-suited for packaging cannabis flowers (and various other marijuana derivative products such as edibles). The bags shown here are only a small portion of what we carry in stock, including other colors available in these sizes. Additionally, many of these bags can be purchased without a clear side.

All of the bags shown here contain real aluminum — very similar to what you might have in your kitchen — the outside of the bags is shiny, and the inside of the bag shows the dull side of the foil This can create a very elegant look and feel with the right labels and size selection.
3.4" x 4.0" silver/clear bag

Common weights/sizes for marijuana packaging:

These images depict common weight designations for cannabis flowers, contained in the variously sized bags which we carry in stock, meant to give a general illustration for sizing and how it might look. There are many variables, both technical and aesthetic; if you have a question, we can help you determine which size is right for you.

Click on the links below to view the bags available for sale:

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