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What are “open bottom” bags, and why might you use them?

featured image with examples of open top and open bottom bags

Although many, if not most, bags that we sell are “open top”, we also offer “open bottom” bags. There are several good reasons why you might want to use open-bottom bags, and we will explore them here. We will also explore when or why you might not want to use open-bottom, and instead continue with the “default” configuration of open-top.

For instance, stand-up bags (bags with a bottom gusset) must be open on the top. Additionally, if you do not plan on heat-sealing the bags immediately after filling, open-top allows you to close the zipper until you do. If you do not plan on heat-sealing the bags ever, then of course you would also want open-top.

Reasons to choose “open bottom” bags

Ease of filling and sealing

If there are so many reasons to choose open-top bags, why would you consider open-bottom bags at all? There are several use-cases or situations where open-bottom is the best choice. The most common reason is ease of filling. Traditional open-top bags require first opening the zipper, then inserting your product through the zipper. This adds a step to the process, generally adds wrinkles to the bag in the process of opening the zipper, and can make it more difficult to insert your product. Open-bottom bags, on the other hand, require you to only insert the product and seal the bag.

If you plan to vacuum-seal your bags, open-bottom configuration will work with more types of sealers. Some sealers will work around zippers, but not all. Vacuum sealers are generally expensive – keeping your options open can help keep you on budget. As a side note, while most bags designed for vacuum-sealing contain nylon, it is not a requirement. Almost any bag can be vacuum-sealed, under the right circumstances. Nylon adds strength to the material, and makes it less vulnerable to puncture when the vacuum is applied. (We offer several nylon-containing bags for sale, although they do not have zippers, and as such are neither open-top nor open-bottom.)

Below are some examples of open-bottom bags that we sell (the “sparkle bags” come in boxes of 2,000, the others in boxes of 1,000):

Food safety and sealing

Finally, if your bag requires a hang-hole, but does not require a gusset, open-bottom is generally best. If the heat-seal does not cover the entire hang-hole, oxygen and moisture can enter the bag and ruin your product. No one wants to refund spoiled product or be responsible for someone getting sick. Using an open-bottom configuration allows you to place a wide header seal around the hang-hole at the top of the bag.

illustration of hang-hole contained in header
Although this illustration/example does not include a zipper, the idea is the same. The narrowest that we can provide for custom printed mylar is a 12mm seal with a 7mm hole.

We hope that this has been helpful and informative. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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