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  • Minimum order for most bags is 5,000 pieces. This is not arbitrary, but rather is based on manufacturing realities. We can give a range of different tiered pricing for you to decide, but selecting how many you think you would use in a six month period is a good way to get a ballpark.
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How to Prepare Artwork

very much worth watching


This is an excellent introduction to the sort of artwork which will lead to an excellent printed bag. The only thing about this video that does not apply to the rotogravure printing of our bags, is the need for “safe” and “bleed” areas. Rotogravure prints “edge to edge” which means that you can accurately design on 100% of your bag’s outer surface.

What does printing look like?

rotogravure in action


This may not be the exact model of printing press out bags are made on, but it is basically the same thing – this should give you a sense of the scale.

We are ethical

we follow the golden rule

We live and die by our reputation. And our reputation is maintained by treating our customers and suppliers well.

Do unto others…

We are agile

we are entrepreneurs, not bureaucrats

Every business is unique. We take the time to learn about your product, your market, and your operational reality in order to provide you with unanticipated value.

We are experienced

there is nothing new under the sun

Our team is well-seasoned, and have helped bring over 1,000 custom bags to market.

We have likely seen it before. If not, we know whom to ask.

we make the process easy

  • we get to know you
    The more we know about your business, the more helpful we can be. There are many factors that go into the design of effective packaging. Rather than ask you to fill out a static form, we talk to you and whomever you designate as part of your team for the project.
  • we collaborate with you
    Based on what we learn, we suggest solutions. There are many options and features available, and many come with trade-offs. We help guide you through the choices and leverage our deep knowledge of packaging to provide you with the context you need. We also assist with your artwork when needed, and we play well with designers.
  • we give you paperwork and proofs
    Once everything has been determined and finalized, we provide you with a formal quote and a digital artwork proof, for your review and approval. When the order is approved and deposit received, production starts.
  • we can ship some by air
    If you need bags fast
    Bags are typically complete 3 – 4 week after the order’s commencement. At this point, we can ship some or all of the bags directly to you via international express. We charge you whatever it costs us to airship the bags to you. We can use your account if you like.
  • the rest of your order comes by sea
    Standard lead-time is 8 – 10 weeks. Your bags will come on a boat, and we will ship them to you from our warehouse. We have the ability to ship freight on pallets if appropriate, and we can overnight some while we send the rest via ground/freight services. Shipping is not included in our per piece prices, due to the many different shipping options we are willing to offer.