Custom Printing

Important Things to Know, In General

We do not print onto existing bags – all printed bags begin as a roll of film being threaded into a rotogravure printing press.
You may specify any size that is practically possible to produce – you may find that the workflow is quicker for existing sizes, although we ABSOLUTELY welcome “very custom” projects.
Because the printing process is rotogravure, it involves laser-engraving copper-plated cylinders to transfer the ink onto the film. This is a one-time setup fee that varies based on the number of cylinders required.
We can process CMYK or PMS (Pantone), or a combination of both.

Quantity Considerations

5,000 pieces is the minimum number of bags that we can provide per sku. Some bags may have minimums higher than 5,000 but it cannot be less. 5,000 cannot be split into 2 x 2,500 or anything of that nature.

Custom Printed Bag Examples from HQ Packaging

Custom Boxes – we can do all types

Common Sizes for Cannabis