Custom Printing with HQ Packaging

About Printing at HQ

Once thought to be the "expensive" option, we now bring you Rotogravure printing at an affordable price. We are capable of bringing your printed design to market using four color process (CMYK), spot colors (Pantone Matching System) or a combination of both to a total of 10 colors.

OC Raw - Rox Bag

It is a simple but hard truth: distributors are appreciably less likely to take you seriously unless you have a printed bag at least in production. But you don’t need 100,000 bags initially, and that is a lot of cash to have tied up… …we will print as few 4,000 custom bags for you.

From start to finish, we partner with our customers and bring our connections and experience to bear in order to accelerate your success. We pay attention to the small details in package design that make all the difference in usability and perception.

Whether you are packaging rock from Mars or a daily vitamin, we have both the technical acumen and practical design sensibilities to satisfy both the physical and aesthetic requirements of your project.

We provide printed and custom bags to a broad spectrum of companies and for a wide range of applications. From best-in-class raw dog food providers to boutique instant matcha tea - from herbal smoke blends to medical marijuana - we work with you both technically and aesthetically to help enjoy maximum return on investment and market prestige.

Scooby Snax Natural - Kraft Bag

The look and feel of the "Scooby Natural" bag on the left, for instance, resulted from a consultation where the owner indicated that he wanted to differentiate his product based on its "chemical-free" nature. Based on his vision of the product, and our knowledge of packaging trends, we determined that Kraft paper was the optimal addition to his bag's structure to lend the desired organic / natural non-glitzy feel to his final product. The results (and sales!) speak for themselves.

We can have these same conversations with you and your team to catalyze the realization of your packaging goals and requirements.

Our adaptability serves as a force-multiplier to our inherently customer-focused approach; we are, after all, a "FLEXIBLE" packaging provider!

Specialty Blacklight / Holographic bags

Let's face it: sometimes intra-market competition can be downright brutal. Not only do you need to make your packaging so shiny and bombastic-yet-tasteful that it immediately fetches both the imagination and the disposable income of your target market, but also, you need to be able to fend off counterfeiters who would both dilute your hard earned market share and possibly even damge your brand through unscrupulous business practices.

"Loud 3g" Holographic bagPopular products, especially in the volatile "smokeshop novelty" market get ripped off every day - all day long. ANY bag can be counterfeited, given the money and the will - any packaging provider who claims otherwise is lying to you and should be avoided. When we fight counterfeiting we use holographic, blacklight, other special stuff, or a combination of all to make it more difficult and expensive to duplicate your bags than it is to duplicate the bags of your competitors. Because of the intrinsic properties of holographic materials as they relate to printing on the outer layer (I will discuss this in detail later on), the counterfeit of one of our properly executed holographic bags could cost many thousands of dollars. Contrast this with someone who dis-intermediates experts like us and goes directly to China to print to save a few pennies - which bag do you think will be ripped off? It is not about making it impossible to counterfeit, but rather, it is about making it so difficult to take YOUR bag that they go for less savvy prey.

What makes holographic material so special for bags? The answer lies both in how the "sparkles" can be integrated as a compositional element, lending significantly higher consumer appeal to the bag, and also in how computer scanners (the most common vehicle of counterfeit) grossly distort the images making it very difficult to copy. When your graphics guy/girl is an expert (or you use one of the many contractors we are affiliated with) and you make the patterns of exposed holographic very complicated but distinct, your competitor will still be unable to do a straight scan even if they know how to compensate for holographic material in the entire design.

loud bag blacklightAnother feature that we implement for customers with concerns related to counterfeiting (or who just want their bags to be "cooler") is the ability to print simple patterns in blacklight reactive ink. Put simply, we can make specific portions of your bag "glow" in the presence of ultraviolet light. This makes it easier to spot counterfeits in retail points of sale using nothing more than an inexpensive UV flashlight as well as provides a unique retail tool to be combined with creative point of purchase display to enhance your product's desirability to potential customers. Adding this level of complexity to your bag may be enough to make counterfeiters decide that copying you is simply not worth the effort and move along to someone else.

Special Shape/Features

pirates chai two compartment bagSometimes you need something completely different to package your product or to aid in its utility or marketing. At HQ Packaging, we help you think outside the box to achieve the sort of customization you require. We recently provided a double-serving perforated bag for one of our customers. Frustrated by the inability of other vendors/distributors to bring the requisite technical knowledge to bear on his project, he turned to HQ Packaging (the result is in the photo to the left). We spent literally hours explaining to the company we gave the production contract to how to set up their machines to accommodate a seal and a perforated line across the center of the bag. They originally maintained that this was not possible - we taught them how to make this. We can provide a variety of customizations: the shape of the bag (round, oval, triangular, custom branded shape etc). We can also help you source specialized fitments ("spouts") for your bag and then help you determine the optimal configuration for their placement in the bag. Finally, when we know exactly what you are packaging, we can source and utilize over fifty different raw materials for the layers of your bag - this allows packaging of boilable products or volatile liquids or sealing in powdery substances. The possibilities are virtually limitless when you partner with HQ Packaging.

Getting Started

Many people are so daunted by what they assume to be a complicated and stressful process that they never seriously consider custom printing even though with only a little extra cost and time input upfront, they could leverage long-term savings and the convenience of printed bags. For guidance on when it is appropriate to print, please refer to our "blog post" Deciding When to Print.

The easiest way to get the process started is to send an email with the size of the bags you desire - the application for which they are desired - the quantity (for each design) and the graphics that you are currently using for your labels (if available). Send this to [email protected] include the best number to reach you at. From there we will have a brief phone consultation and provide you with a quote. We can even supply you with unprinted bags while you wait and in some cases offer the service of affixing your printed labels or even inserting your goods! It really is that simple.

Get started today - you have better things to do with your time than "stick" labels or hire people to do it for you!