HQS-2 Printing Band Sealer

HQS-2 Printing Band Sealer

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Band sealers are easy to use and seal poly bags as fast as you can insert them into the unit. These units are fully adjustable with temperature and speed. Higher temps are needed for thicker bags and/or faster recuperation. Bags are sealed then fall off the end of the short conveyor belt.

Printing Band Sealer
: DIFFERENT THAN FR900 because of it's ink printing ability directly onto bags, as well as the ability to print on two lines and determne where on the bag the printing occurs.
: sealing work automatically & continuously
: can be used to seal and make bag of all kinds of plastic film.

Model: HQS-2
Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60HZ

Power: 500W

Sealing Speed: 0-12m/min

Sealing Width: 6-12mm

Temperature range: 0-300°C

Max. Conveyor loading: 3kgsL

Machine Size: 1060X470X380mm
Seal Width No
Single or Double No